The double jersey machine ,with cams of knit/half  knit/miss cams, can knit up to two hundred different -structure fabrics, such as checked , min - jacquard, folding, towel, sweating, bubble, double layer, ladder, single rib, rib, Rome fabrics etc.
We have four types of double jersey machine, they are 2*2/2*4/3*6 versions respectively. And our ceramic yarn guides can choose separate system and full-ring-movable system.
To knit different fabrics, we offer different cam-options to you, we can provide 2 track or 3 track for dial+ 4 track or 6 track for cylinder.


    Universal knitting machine: 2X2, 2X4, 3X6 types.

    Interlock knitting machine : 2x2 type.

        Diameter        Gauge        Feeders (Universal)        Feeders (Interlock)

  • YPD30"       34G-40G    36F, 60F, 72F                 60F, 72F, 84F
  • YPD32"       34G-40G    84F                                 60F, 90
  • YPD34"       34G-40G    36F, 60F, 72F, 84F         60F, 72F, 84F, 96F
  • YPD36"       34G-40G    72F, 84F                         72F, 84F, 102F
  • YPD38"       34G-40G    72F, 88F                         72F, 98F, 108F
  • YPD40"       34G-40G                                           106F, 112F