Single jersey machine can knit various structures fabrics by different cam arrangement of knit/tuck and miss cams. Fabrics knitted by this machine can be widely used for making summer wears, such as fabric with floating design, fleece design and tuck-structure , and pique and twill fabric for high quality leisure garments, as well as for bed cover and inside lining of industrial fabrics.

The machine has properties as below:
  • A variety of fabrics can be knitted by it.
  • High efficiency with high production.
  • Easy operation.

We design and manufacturer cams by ourselves with digital computerized CNC center for cutting and grinding . Our fabric roller is controlled by server computer or with 120 track variable speed.


  • Diameter : 18"-46"
  • Gauge      : 14G-40G
  • Feeders    : 54F- 276F
  • RMP(34"): 22RMP-30RMP

The Needle No.

  • 18G-24G : NO.141.52 VO G001, G002, G003, G004
  • 28G-32G : NO. 141.41 VO G001, G002, G003, G004
  • 36G-40G : NO. 141.36/34/32 VO G001, G002, G003, G004