Surya Stainless Steel Low Chloride High Purity Marker Surya Stainless Steel High Purity Nuclear Grade Marker is prevent corrosion of stainless steel and other alloys.




1. Contains less than 300 ppm aggregate of metals and sulfur, and less than 200 ppm aggregate total halogens. 

2. Xylene-Free paint dries quickly (<30 sec.) And is weather, UV and abrasion resistant. 

3. Marks on Stainless Steel, Metals, Glass, Plastic and more.


Industry Uses 

# Nuclear Plant 


# Automotive 

# Stainless Steel Plant 

# Mining and Metal 

# Oil, Gas, Energy Plant 

# Marine 

# Welding and Brazing 

# Tool and Die 

# QC and Inspection 

# Impound Yards 

# Foundries etc.


Available Colors


∆ White 

∆ Yellow 

∆ Black